The 2012 UEFA Champions League Tournament

The 2012-13 UEFA Champions League marked a passing of the torch in European football. For several years the top clubs were the two Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. Both of these teams had monopolized the sport in recent years by signing the world’s top talent and building fan bases numbering in the hundreds of millions. They featured the game’s two top players, in Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and it seemed that their dominance would continue for many years.

All of that changed during the two legs of the Champions League Read the rest of this entry »

Pro Soccer is Catching On The United States

Just a few short years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to find sports pundits confidently predicting that soccer would never capture a significant viewing audience in the United States and that it would be forever viewed as a game for children. Over the last decade, however, the popularity of soccer has skyrocketed in the United States.

Major League Soccer, the country’s top professional league, is expanding each year. The viewership for World Cup increases exponentially each time the tournament is broadcast. Major soccer games both domestic and international have moved from being televised on specialty sports channels Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Players in the MSL

Many soccer players in the United States have made risen to become the best in the world. Each team has its rising stars and depend on them to lead their teams to victory during every match. The following two players have proven themselves on the field and have earned their fans respect by working hard and dedicating their lives to the game of soccer.

Omar Gonzalez

One of the Los Angeles Galaxy’s most prized young players, Omar Gonzalez came roaring onto the scene straight from college. This defender was drafted in the first round by the Galaxy and Read the rest of this entry »

The Hero Plays and the Villains Delay

A strange thing seems to happen whenever Manchester United forward Javier Hernandez takes the field. People all over the globe, including Mexicans, and anyone in the states with access to services like tune in and watch.

Soccer (or football) fans cheer and, mysteriously, crime rates in Mexico seem to drop whenever this national hero takes to the field.

While there is no real science behind this correlation between Hernandez’s playing and the lowering crime rate, a likely explanation is that the criminals are more interested in watching one of their own play than committing a crime.

Another interesting thing that happens whenever Hernandez is put to the field is that more pregnant women go into labor. While the jury is still out on the connection there, the overall fact of the matter is that good things happen both on and off the field when this man plays.

As you can imagine, this has attributed a kind of romantic and heroic nature to the young striker, but he doesn’t let this influence his play. While he’s happy to help in any way that he can, Javier wants to make it abundantly clear that he’s a footballer first and an unwitting super hero second.

Lionel Messi – Is He The Best Player In The World?

Is Lionel Messi the greatest player in the world today? Some may argue that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world today. Others may believe that Wayne Rooney is the best player in the world. Others may claim that Messi’s Barcelona teammate Xavi or Andrs Iniesta is the best player in the world.

When you evaluate all of the statistics, wins, and accomplishments, it is clear that Lionel Messi is the current greatest player in the world. He is the three time winner of FIFA’s Read the rest of this entry »

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Everyone around the world is waiting to see what will happen in the next World Cup season. The Finals for the championship is going to be hosted in Brazil. There is a lot of hype on who is going to be the last 2 teams to wind up playing for the World cup. One team that is proposed to be a “sleeper” team in the tournament finals is Thailand, with their new coach, coming from the German team. Winfriend Schafer says that the his team the War Elephants have had the time to work together and will need to Read the rest of this entry »

The Manchester Derby – Manchester United vs. Manchester City

For many years the main fixture that everyone talked about in England was Manchester United v Liverpool. That was the main derby that caught the eye. However, the emergence of Manchester City in the past couple of years has placed greater significance on the Manchester derby. City are now United’s main rivals for trophies. They currently sit at the top of the Barclays Premier League, two points ahead of Manchester United. They beat United in the FA Cup Semi Final last season to win their first trophy for Read the rest of this entry »

Major League Soccer In The United States

Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States continues to soar in prominence. While the MLS receives popularity boosts from the World Cup every four years, the league has stabilized on its own. Focus on host city personality, being family friendly by attracting soccer youth players and signing big name stars is paying off.

The 2011 season was a banner year for the Los Angeles Galaxy. The Galaxy won the MLS Cup in a close match against Houston, employed Coach of the Year Bruce Arena and was led by Comeback Player of Read the rest of this entry »

American Soccer Players in the British Premier League

As time has progressed, it seems as if more and more American soccer players have begun to head abroad and compete in one of the strongest soccer leagues in the world; the British Premier League. Many of these players have played the majority of their careers in England, while others have recently gone on loan in order to compete at a higher level. Tim Howard, the goalkeeper for Everton, is perhaps one of the greatest American exports that has established a thriving career in the British Premier League. After originally signing for Manchester United in 2003, Howard left the English Read the rest of this entry »